life is not all keyboards

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Pens and Pencils”

There’s no going back to pens and pencils for writers; there’s not even any going back to typewriters.  The ease and convenience of computers, being able to insert/correct/change what you write as you write it, and finish with legible copy, is a gift that is just too great to walk away from.

And yet  I find myself using pen and paper, and using a typewriter.

All my research notes are handwritten in hardcover notebooks.  And while I find it diabolically difficult to locate a particular sentence or reference when I need it, there’s something liberating about being able to leaf through the research instead of having to peer at small sections of it through a glass window.

Similarly, there’s something inordinately inspiring in finishing another page of your manuscript, and of being able to put that page on top of another page, and to see a pile forming.  My typing isn’t perfect, and that’s patently obvious in what comes off the machine, but it’s only a first draft for crying out loud: it’s supposed to be rewritten.

I don’t hand-write or type-write entire novels, nor yet entire chapters.  But I do take to pen to tackle particularly difficult or important passages, and find that it helps focus my thoughts and channel what needs to be written.


9 thoughts on “life is not all keyboards

  1. i put pen to paper quite often. Although i can’t really put my finger on the reason why. I think it is similar to ebooks vs books, i don’t own an ereader, and never will, i find i tend to skim read more often than not if it is coming from an electronic media source. I do love the smell of paper and books too..

    Interestingly enough, i manage to locate a pen to chew on even when i am typing on a computer. 🙂

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  2. I’m with you Fiona – I do a lot of my initial writing longhand, there seems to be a different quality to what I write depending on the technology. Certainly computers reign supreme for the editing (and NaNoWriMo). Although it’s easy to think and respond to other people’s thoughts here at the keyboard, thoughts of my own, however, come much more easily with a pen.

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    • NaNoWriMo! We don’t have that here in NZ so much, as we’re all escaping outside into summer then, and preparing for end of year madness. The idea appeals so much as a cold weather activity, I’m a tad jealous!


      • Oh – I’m just across the way in Tasmania so I know the call of summer and pre Christmas holiday rushes:-) They do have a different version of it in April and July (I think) called Camps – designed for the northern summer though! Maybe one day you’ll give it a go but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Best wishes.

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