kintsugi and the art of repairing New Year’s resolutions

kintsugi: the Japanese art of mending pottery with gold resin.  Things get broken. You mend them. That’s life. Make it beautiful.

My New Year resolution rarely outlasts January: it tends to founder on January 11 (anniversary dinner) or January 22 (birthday cake).  Once broken, that resolution joins all the others on the mountainous heap of failure.  But not this year.  This year I am determined to succeed.  I am holding fast to kintsugi philosophy and placing my faith in a recent study that promises me today’s failure will not affect my long-term stickability.  Yes, my New Year resolution is broken.  But I fixed it with glitter glue.  I picked myself up and gave myself a pep-talk.  I am back on the straight and narrow.  A single slip does not predict failure.  Tomorrow I will continue on, secure in the knowledge that glitter glue is gold.